There are lots of misunderstandings when it comes to cleaning up pet stains. The best time to remove a pet stain is when it first happens. Urine is acidic when it is first deposited but as it sits in the carpet, over time it dries and actually turns alkaline. This chemical reaction can affect the color in the carpet and can permanently change the dye structure of the carpet, bleaching it out. In many cases, when the color is affected we can fix it by dyeing the spot after removing the urine contaminants.

Pet stain accidents and urine odors will not come out with normal cleaning. To remove urine odor, we use a special enzyme-based product made specifically for urine odors. Some pet stains and odors come out easily and can be done for as little as an extra $20 with your regular cleaning. Others are more difficult and we must pull back the carpet, treat the sub-floor, replace the padding and clean the carpet. There are many factors to consider when dealing with pet stains and odors, including the size of your pet, age of the problem, frequencies of accidents, etc.

We are very successful at removing pet stains and odors and would love to provide a free estimate for you.